• Are you tired of seeing the same old, same old coaching methods being used in your kids' youth leagues? 


  • This book should be required reading for every youth sports organization's coaches.

          Connie, Ohio

  • Does your child come home from practice confused and upset by some of the coaching techniques at practice?

​Be The Ultimate Sports Coach

The Definitive Practical Guide to Coaching Youth Sports. The How, the Why, and What to Avoid.

  • He uses a different approach than my coaches did, and with better effectiveness.

​         Steve, West Virginia

Amazon.com review:

This book is definitely something that every coach needs to read to better understand this calling, see the things from a different angle, and find the right way to coach the youth.


Amazon.com review:

This is a great book, written in a way that is fun to read.​


  • There's not an 'X' or an 'O' in the book.
  • Is your child having a fun experience participating in youth sports?
  • Refreshing to read about a coach with a well-grounded attitude.

​         Suzie, Texas

Amazon.com review:
This book is a must read for anyone who will be coaching youth sports up to and including high school. It takes the reader through everything he or she will need to know to be successful in youth leagues. Beyond that, the book focuses on young athletes and how to give them their best chances at success. By citing real examples gleaned from over twenty years of coaching at all levels, the author provides an easy, entertaining read. The coaching techniques that are described in the various episodes in this book give the reader a strong foundation for becoming a very successful coach of many successful players.


As a good coach, you are always looking for new sources of coaching and leadership information. This book can give you a fresh look at the thing you love so much - coaching.  This compilation of twenty-five years of coaching lessons learned is another good resource for your coaching tool bag. Learn some good and some bad teaching examples, many from high school coaches with as much as twenty years or more coaching experience.

Give the coaches a copy of this book. It shows a different - and very effective - style of teaching children. While I do not encourage parents to interfere with coaches when they are doing their jobs, I have seen many, "How not to...," coaching examples. To prevent this, why not give each coach a copy of this book at the beginning of the season? Your kids will thank you for it.

​    "Then why don't they coach that way?"

That was the answer I got when I described this book to a coach against whom I once competed. I told him that coaches, young and old, would not disagree with the methods or the  validity of any of the lessons in this book. He interrupted me to say, "Then why don't they coach that way?"

  • The best coaching book you've never read

For Every Coach and Parent

  • ​Realistic perspective, something that is sorely missing in the sports world. I wish my sons could have played for him.

          Tom, Tennessee

  • Is your child getting all of the benefits possible from participating in a youth sports program?
  • Looking for a new approach for getting the best out of your players?

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The purpose of this book is to benefit every child who ever participates in team sports. It's not for them to read, but for their coaches to read. By introducing coaches to the teaching and coaching principles in this book, you will be helping children get the most out of their youth sports experience. I firmly believe that every coach’s top priority when coaching should be the betterment of the kids he or she coaches, regardless of the physical talents of the player. (After all, playing a sport is little more than an analogy for life.) If the information in this book helps some coaches better help their players, then the book has served its purpose.

  • He always put the players' interests first...but never tried to make superstars out of his own. I'm glad my sons played for him.

         ​Charlie, Indiana